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UK Slimming Diet Advice

So Many Slimming Diets!

There are so many slimming and weight loss diets to choose from - liquid slimming diets, high protein diets, low-carb plans and dozens of different fad diets. You can buy a so-called 'hip & thigh' slimming diet, or choose a fashionable 'omega-3 slimming diet or opt for the more tried and tested low-fat diet program.

Which Slimming Diet is Best for You?

Answer: the diet that says Yes to these four slimming questions:

Question 1. Will This Slimming Diet Teach me to Eat Right?

Any diet or weight loss plan that doesn't teach you how to improve your eating habits is not going to solve your weight problem.

So be sceptical of fad diets, single-food diets, liquid diets, food-combining plans, diet pills, weight loss supplements and so-called 'fat-burning' or 'fat-loss' supplements. And even though weight loss surgery may be useful if medically recommended, by itself it won't improve your eating habits.

Question 2. Can I Follow This Slimming Diet for Life?

Any slimming or weight loss program that offers a short-term solution to your weight problem - because (eg.) it is too unhealthy or too low in calories - is not going to help you lose weight and then keep it off.

So ignore slimming 'fasts', 3-day slimming diets, 14-day diets, high protein diet plans, very-low-calorie diets, low carb diets and the like.

Question 3. Does This Slimming Diet Encourage Sensible weight Loss?

There is no quick-fix answer to a weight problem. Weight gain usually occurs over a period of years. Successful slimming is faster but it takes months rather than weeks. So quit trying to lose weight fast and aim to lose weight at a SLOW but STEADY rate of about 2 pounds a week. Diet pills and 'magical' diet supplements may sound tempting but they don't lead to real weight loss. At best, they lead to rapid loss of water (not fat). At worst, they lead to increased weight gain, yo-yo dieting, a slow metabolism, depression and obesity!

Question 4. Does This Slimming Diet Offer Sensible Advice on Exercise?

Slimming and regular exercise go together like man and wife. Exercise may not lead directly to significant weight loss, but it helps raise your metabolic rate (thus protecting against a weight loss plateau), boosts your motivation to lose weight and improves long term weight control.

Question 5. Does This Slimming Diet Help to Motivate You to Lose Weight?

Most slimming diets tell you what to eat, but they don't boost your motivation to diet. Very few (if any) provide practical weight loss tips on motivation. And they don't deal with the basic slimming issues, like weight loss plateau, under-active thyroid, how to stick to your diet after a binge and so on.

Anne Collins Slimming Diet Program Answers YES to ALL 5 Questions!

This doesn't make it the only effective slimming diet you can buy, but it does mean that it tackles the real slimming issues and does lead to long term weight loss.

Anne Collins Diet Program is available online, now, at the amazing price of £13.50. For details, see: Weight Loss Program At-a-Glance


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